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Organic Certification > Bolivia (1) AOPEB - Asociacon de organisacion de productores ecologicos de Bolivia
AOPEB is a non-profit, grassroots civil society and economic organisation. AOPEB was founded on 24th September 1991 by the organisations of organic producers AGROPLAN (vegetables), ANAPQUI (quinoa), CORACA IRUPANA (coffee), EL CEIBO (cocoa), and MINGA (coffee), for the purpose of legally representing and offering special services to organisations of ecologic producers, non-governmental organisations and small national enterprises which practice and support ecologic production in Bolivia. AOPEB represents about 30.000 producers who practice ecologic agriculture or are moving towards it. Our Institutional mission is to achieve the production, transformation, marketing and large-scale consumption of high quality ecologic products, and to improve living conditions of farmers. AOPEB promotes an alternative production system which is in balance with the environment, socially equitable, technically appropriate, culturally valid, economically sustainable and solidary in its organization. For further information about AOPEB and its affiliated organizations: Calle Landaeta Nº 554 esq. Calle Crespo Phone: 2129286 - 2129287 - 2490686 - 2490691 Fax: (591-2) 2129286

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