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Organic Certification > Brazil (2) IBD - Instituto Biodinâmico
IBD - Instituto Biodinâmico IBD offers services of inspection and certification for organic, biodynamic and ecosocial certification. IBD is accredited for USDA-NOP, EU 2092/91, Demeter, IFOAM, Quebec/Canada and also operates inspections for JAS-Japan (in agreement with Japaneese certifiers), BIOSSUISSE and other certification systems. IBD also operates under law 10.831/2003 for Brazilian market oriented certification. ECOCERT BRASIL
Currently ECOCERT offers certification against the EC Reg. 2092/91, American Organic NOP Standard, Japanese Organic JAS Standard and Brazilian Organic Standart (IN 07/99 - MAPA) - Rua Osni Ortiga 949, 88062-450 Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Tel/Fax: (48) 232.80.33

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