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Organic Certification > United States (21) American Food Safety Institute (AFSI)
The American Food Safety Institute (AFSI) International, is a proud member of the High Sierra Group of companies. AFSI is ISO 9001 registered. AFSI has been in business since 1990. Since 1990 AFSI has served all areas of the food industry and more recently has focused on the Fresh Cut and Sprout Industry. As International Certification Services, Inc. ICS, Farm Verified Organic, organic farming, organic agrilculture, healthy alternative!
International Certification Services, Inc. Organic certification for agricultural, manufacturer, and handler since 1979. Quality organic certification services for grains, seeds, oils/tubers, beans, nuts, fruits, livestock, dairy, produce, specialty crop, family farms, cottage farms, commercial farms, processor, manufacturer, handlers, and international grower groups. California Crop Improvement Association
The California Crop Improvement Association’s (CCIA) Organic Certification Program is designed to organically certify qualified Domestic and International producers, processors, and handlers of agricultural products who comply with the Federal Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. California Organic Certified Farmers
CCOF offers premier organic certification programs throughout North and South America for all types of processors, farms, livestock operations, retailers, private labelers, brokers, and more. California Organic Farmers Association
California Organic Farmers Association is a California non-profit mutual benefit corporation which provides organic certification services to qualified farmers and processors. C.O.F.A. does not certify products as organic but rather it certifies the production or processing operation as conforming to the National Organic Program Standards. Certified Organic Inc.
Certified Organic Inc. is a USDA accredited certifying agency providing organic certification of livestock, grains, foods, fibers, mushrooms, greenhouses, fertilizer operations, hydroponics, kitchens, processors, and handling operations. Hawaii Organic Farmers Association
HOFA -Organic Land Practices and Organic Certification in Hawaii. Newletters, events, activities, and information. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy promotes resilient family farms, rural communities and ecosystems around the world through research and education, science and technology, and advocacy. Iowa Department of Agriculture
This page is the Official Home page for the State of Iowa and your gateway to the many State of Iowa citizen and business resources offered by the State of Iowa. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute
Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is agriculture in harmony with Natural Law. It is a system of agriculture that nourishes and supports the farmer, his crops, and the greater environment.

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